Letter: Having faith that prayer beats bullets

Letter: Having faith that prayer beats bullets

The Westerly Sun

The world is still a dangerous place. It has always been… since time began. People have always killed each other. Now, we can do it more efficiently, and the effect is devastating.  

When these terrible things happen, we people of the book, Christians, Muslims, Jews, we pray. Our hearts cry and we share our sorrow with each other and with our Creator God. Many critics berate our prayers. They say why bother? If prayer worked, gunmen wouldn’t gun worshippers down in a church, of all places.

We’re wasting our breath. But, what if? What if bullets bounced off Christians? What if all you had to do was say yes, Jesus, I will be your disciple? What if Christians or Moslems or Jews just had to follow the rules God gave us in Scripture? What if it were crystal clear that God protects his followers? Then, who would malign Christian faith? 

It’s called faith because it is not obvious. It’s not easy. It’s something that we have to work at every day. We study the Bible; we fellowship with others; we worship together, and YES, we pray, daily, for God’s intervention in this world. It is not clear why God created this world the way he did, but He’s God. He makes the rules.

Meredith Eckel


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