Letter: Time to stop Trump’s lies on climate

Letter: Time to stop Trump’s lies on climate

Perhaps the first lesson on the first day that any first grader learns (fictional myth notwithstanding) is George Washington’s “I cannot tell a lie…. I did cut it (cherry tree) with my hatchet,” in which the father of our country displays forthright rectitude demonstrating to first graders how honesty is always the best policy and will take you far.

Well, it remains unclear whether young Donald Trump was absent from school that day, dyslexically interpreting this fable to become a pathological liar or perhaps is allergic to cherries, taking joy in cherry tree destruction, and was on his way. But the article by Michelle R. Smith of The Associated Press, “EPA stifles scientists’ planned climate talk,” in the Westerly Sun on Tuesday, Oct. 24, is perfectly consistent with Mr. Trump’s incessant lies, which like the first lesson on a first grader’s first school day, occurred the first moment of the first day, when his inauguration crowd size was hallucinogenically sold as the biggest ever. Yeah, and then you woke up!

But the Earth doesn’t play games, has no room for liars, with the recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico previewing the future as Mr. Trump abandons the Paris climate treaty, and the domestic Clean Power Plan, and stifles a scientist’s climate talk, as if not mentioning it might make the problem go away. Hey Rhode Island, we’re being lied to multiple times every day with the inauguration crowd size, 10 months later, seeming so trivially quaint; climate change, immigration, health care, taxes, etc.

President George W. Bush’s great recession gave us the first African-American president, Obama, as racist hostility birthed the current Trump administration from another planet, with Trump doing a hatchet job on the climate, among other things, providing the stage for the climate champion Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who’s given more than 150 “time to wake up” climate speeches on the Senate floor. We’ve only proceeded to become overcooked since our Sen. Whitehouse first started his climate talk crusade in 2012, but never forget, this is the first day of the rest of your life, with “Whitehouse for White House 2020,” something you can believe in.

Jay Lustgarten



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