Letter: Divisiveness added to Trump’s dispicable D’s

Letter: Divisiveness added to Trump’s dispicable D’s

There will always be differences and disagreements (put 10 economists in a room, you’ll get 11 opinions) but it’s the five terrible D’s that deserve disdain. Stunningly, the current president of the United States depressingly touches them all, bringing the dignity of the office down with him.

1) Deceit: In the first 298 days in office, President Trump told 1,628 “false claims” (five+/day) that the initially diplomatic media now call lies.

2) Deception: “The Trump Deception” by Josef Joffe provides great commentary. Also now playing on YouTube is Trump’s “Church and state separation deception.”

3) Dishonesty: On Aug. 9, 2016, Trump said “Hillary Clinton can be stopped only by the Second Amendment people,” shocking the world as he suggested assassination of his political opponent, later saying he didn’t mean the obvious.

4) Double Standards: When is the right time for Trump to talk guns and terror — immediately if his fans will approve and never if they won’t.

5) Duplicity: In an interview with Howard Stern, Trump said: “If you cut your finger and there’s blood pouring out, I’m gone.” After the Parkland High School Florida shooting, five-time bone spur military avoidance cadet Trump boasted “I really believe I would have run in there, even if I didn’t have a weapon.”

The Westerly Sun’s Monday, Feb. 26, edition, a double divisiveness dose detailing: 1) Rhode Island Gov. “Raimondo to sign order on gun control,” filling the Grand Canyon void by Trump’s administration and 2) Massachusetts “Sen. Markey to hold meeting to discuss offshore drilling” covering Trump’s coastal oil drilling directive, prompting “attorneys general from a dozen coastal states protesting the drilling plan,” unanimously opposed by Democratic governors along both coasts.

Divisive: Tending to cause disagreement or hostility between people. Americans want common-sense gun regulations (in your U.S., 18-year-olds can buy assault weapons but can’t purchase a beer) and renewable energy, which apparently falls on indifferent ears in this current administration.

Jay Lustgarten



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