Letter: Hoping for a Blue Wave for schoolchildren

Letter: Hoping for a Blue Wave for schoolchildren

The article “Making Earth a Better Place” in The Westerly Sun on Friday, Sept. 7, spotlights the State Street Elementary School children’s refreshingly mature action to upgrade their disposable lunch trays to reusable plastic that helps the environment, and it had a great foil three pages later. The Page 4 reprint of the Concord Monitor editorial, “30 years later, we’re back to the beginning on climate change,” provides a chilling contrast to the forward-thinking 6- to 9-year-olds, where sophomorically immature former President George H.W. Bush’s chief of staff and New Hampshire governor, John “technical poppycock” Sununu, bragged about “sabotaging that first international meeting in the Netherlands” to combat climate change. Establishing Republican Party orthodoxy that stands stronger than ever today, this “ain’t going nowhere” denial stage provides sharp contrast to the on-the-move melting glaciers, retreating polar bears and disappearing lakes.

Republicans will have only themselves to blame for their 30-year climate inaction (denial an action?) that has caused sea levels to rise with the overflowing water having no place else to go. This provides everything we need for the much-talked-about Tuesday, Nov. 6, mid-term Blue Wave that hopefully will wash Republican climate inaction down the drain. If not for yourself, vote for the schoolchildren.

The Parkland High School students take the empty moral high ground on gun safety, the State Street Elementary School children reach for the vacant moral position on climate change and we have toddlers crawling into the moral spotlight in the immigration debate. The Republicans might see a blue wave, but they deserve a blue tsunami.

Jay Lustgarten


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