Letter: In defense of solar farms in Hopkinton

Letter: In defense of solar farms in Hopkinton

To all the Hopkinton Tree Huggers:

You moved to Hopkinton because it was rural, and now you are trying to stop solar farms or anyone from cutting trees you don’t own. If you want to keep Hopkinton rural, then buy the property and you can do whatever you want with it. What right do you have to stop a landowner from developing his/her property?

Behind us is Brushy Brook, a total of 365 acres, and they want to put in 120 to 200 acres of solar, and we are for it. We do not know if there are any long-term effects of solar, but solar is a lot better than houses, and we are willing to take that chance. No noise, no traffic, just peace. Rural.

Brushy Brook has an approved Planned Unit Development for 145 houses and a golf course; this was once cleared for construction. If 145 houses are built, that would mean two cars to each house and two children in our schools from each house. This would mean approximately 290 kids in our school system and 290 cars up and down the road on the side and front of our property every day. Woody Hill and Skunk Hill have single-lane bridges.

The impact on the schools: Hopkinton public schools spend $17,624 per student. The average school expenditure in the U.S. is $12,383. There are about 14.3 students per teacher in Hopkinton. I would think the average tax in Hopkinton is about $4,500. That means the town would get $1,305,000 for property tax from 145 houses and would have to spend $5,110,960 to educate 290 students. This is not a good trade-off. That’s $4 million that you and I have to make up, only for Brushy Brook. This is only for the school … nothing to the town.

If every area that you are against puts in houses, then we are in the hole for each house with two kids $30,748 and one child $13,124. This does not include building another school, additional police-fire-town workers and whatever it takes to operate Hopkinton.

Think before you act. Trees have to be cut for houses and for roads, and with solar there’s no expense to the town.

John Orlandi
Hope Valley


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