Letter: Shame on Times for Nikki Haley flub

Letter: Shame on Times for Nikki Haley flub

How low can irresponsible journalism go?

First, the Times publishes an anonymous op-ed piece from a supposed senior inside source regarding President Trump’s administrative style.  Really, an anonymous op-ed — no specific sources cited, no factual documented corroboration, etc.?

This is journalism at its worst — this is what is taught in first-year journalism universities as unacceptable and irresponsible.

Now the Nikki Haley curtain story.  Alleging that she, as a Trump appointee, purchased $57,000 curtains for her apartment in New York City.  As it turns out, this purchase was made during the Obama administration — a fact that was belatedly corrected by the Times after the attention-getting incorrect headline.

It’s no wonder that newspaper reporting has lost its credibility among its readers.

Daniel J. Fitzgerald


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