Letter: Grimes’ ousting as WHS principal was unfair

Letter: Grimes’ ousting as WHS principal was unfair

I am writing in the hopes that the serious and mean-spirited way in which the Westerly School Committee took action in not renewing Todd Grimes’ contract as principal of Westerly High School can be reversed and he can be reinstated.

Why this action was made so swiftly and with no information provided is beyond me.

Anyone who knows Mr. Grimes will vouch for his integrity and dedication to all Westerly High School students. The fact that his door is always open and his willingness to go the extra step to assist and maintain communication with our kids is to be acknowledged. He is a “true role model.”

Mr. Grimes came into my family’s world at a dire time when we were faced with life-changing and heart-breaking decisions. The kindness, empathy, sympathy and guidance he gave to us can never be forgotten. Because of this, we will be celebrating a graduation on June. 15.

Thank you Mr. Grimes, Westerly High School needs you.

Joan Harwood


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