Letter: Cemetery issues warning that families must adhere to guidelines

Letter: Cemetery issues warning that families must adhere to guidelines

First Hopkinton Cemetery officials are trying to reach out to lot owners again after reviewing an ongoing problem with the planting barriers that we require all plot/grave owners use since we are now faced with another problem. It seems a large majority of the people that have put in their own planting barriers are not following cemetery guidelines. These guidelines were posted on the shed at the rear of the cemetery along with diagrams and measurements as to the size and placement of the planting barriers.

Because this is now causing more problems, the cemetery has decided to only allow planting barriers that are prepaid and installed by the superintendent of the cemetery. The planting barriers that are there that do not meet the guidelines posted will be tagged and noted by the superintendent. The person or persons that placed these barriers will be given the opportunity to remedy the problem with the deadline for doing so of Sunday, Dec. 31.

After the deadline, any planting barrier that has not been remedied will be removed and no further activity may take place in regard to flowers and/or any other objects that might have been or might be placed on that grave without contacting the cemetery and paying the fee associated with installing the correct planting barrier.

There will be a form available by contacting the cemetery in writing at First Hopkinton Cemetery, P.O. Box 95, Ashaway, RI 02804 and requesting the form. The form will be available when the deadline is reached.

We will post a notice concerning this letter at the entrances and this letter will be posted at the cemetery on the bulletin board located on the shed at the rear of the cemetery.

Thanks to those who have installed the proper barrier and to those who fix theirs before the deadline.

Sandra Neugent

The writer is the president of the board of trustees of the First Hopkinton Cemetery.


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