Letter: Donahue has outworked Rotella in 43rd race

Letter: Donahue has outworked Rotella in 43rd race

I encourage my fellow Democrats in Stonington and North Stonington to join me in choosing performance over promise in the state representative Democratic primary race between Chris Donahue and Kate Rotella. Chris outworked Ms. Rotella in the last municipal election and received 700 more votes as a result of his efforts. (He even beat Rob Simmons.) This time around, Chris qualified for state elections funding quicker than Rotella (who had an eight-week head start) with more donors and more in district money raised. He has knocked on more doors by a wide margin without using paid proxies. He has attended more local events and sent out two mailers before his opponent’s literature first hit the streets. So far, he has placed over 300 signs in voters’ yards.

Chris has demonstrated by his superior performance over the past few months that he will be a far tougher candidate against the Republican challenger in November. Credentials are nice, but effort, energy, and dedication win elections. And that's all this primary is about: A Democratic win in November. Chris can deliver that win. Kate, maybe, maybe not. Keep Connecticut and the 43rd blue. Vote Chris Donahue!

Bill Sternberg


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