Letter: Computers are fertile ground for misunderstandings

Letter: Computers are fertile ground for misunderstandings

Computers scare me. If I were to give a $100 donation to an organization and hit the wrong key, I could give $1,000 by mistake. Oops. And what does LOL mean? Lots of Love, Little Old Lady or Living On Lipitor? And how about BFF? Best Friends Forever or Best Friend’s Funeral? And what is a computer mouse? Is it as quiet as a house mouse? And what happens when the computer goes frozen? Do you press buttons until you break it or do you thaw it with a hair dryer? And … does a computer talk back?

Dear Lord, I am thankful I do not need a computer program to talk to you. I am thankful you are by my side when I am learning new things.

Another thing about computers, if you take risks online before you know who you are responding to, you could get a virus from a stranger. How dreadful. And then there is backup on a computer. I stood up and backed up 4 feet and I haven’t moved since.

Last, but not least, you can surf the internet. Is that with your grandchildren? Life is a lot like surfing ... you get back up because you never know what may be over the next wave.

Seriously folks, in every situation, serious or humorous, you are with me. Need a break from this tech stuff?

See God, here I am again, needing your grace and guidance. Thanks for putting people in my life who can understand and help me.

Gloria J. Birchell


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