Letter: Chris Donahue deserves your vote in primary

Letter: Chris Donahue deserves your vote in primary

I have had the opportunity of knowing Chris Donahue his entire life and I am very pleased to see what a fine young man he has turned into. Chris comes from a family who has dedicated their entire lives to serving this town, from his great-grandfather, his grandfather, and his dad. Chris shares in their passion to follow in the steps his family has taken.

I believe that Chris possesses the knowledge and understanding of our area and realizes what changes have to be made in Hartford to benefit this district. I have witnessed how hard he is working to get his ideas and message out to every single person he has contacted. He has been working non-stop meeting people going door-to-door and holding as many group meetings to get to know the people firsthand who he hopes he will be serving in Hartford.

We need Chris in Hartford. He will be a strong voice for all of us. I am asking that all the Democrats in this district go to the polls and support and vote for this young man and give him the opportunity to prove that he can and will fight for us and make a difference in Hartford.

John Gomes




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