Letter: Charlestown deserved better in filling vacancy

Letter: Charlestown deserved better in filling vacancy

The following letter from the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee was presented to the Charlestown Town Council at the Monday, Feb. 12, council meeting.

Although the trend in many towns is to adopt the best practices/good government approach to filling council vacancies by choosing the “next highest vote getter” approach, the Charlestown Citizens Alliance PAC-controlled Town Council chose to take a step backwards for Charlestown town government and fill the vacancy by an outmoded, partisan-tinged, discretionary appointment, used by old styled politicians of the past, designed to protect their political power.

Despite overwhelming public testimony in favor of using the “next-highest vote-getter” approach to appoint Robert Malin, it appeared that incumbent council members had already decided behind closed doors to appoint a political ally.

Charlestown deserves better. It deserves good government and suffers from the rule of total one-party dominance. One party rule is never a good thing for democracy.

John D. Hamilton

The writer is the chairman of the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee.


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