Letter: Cal Lord provides the best medicine

Letter: Cal Lord provides the best medicine

The Westerly Sun

I enjoy Rona Mann in Sunday’s issue of The Westerly Sun, however Cal Lord’s Saturday incorporation of the Lord in everyday life really moves me. A good belly laugh is such good medicine when I find myself in ridiculous predicaments. Once I let it out, I can go on with a smiley face.

I say, Lord thank you for giving me a sense of humor … which brings me to my mall encounter where a salesman named Sean had a name tag, braces and — let’s not forget – two earrings in his ears. He smiled and said “May I help you, ma’am?” I said I was looking for a pair of loafers (which he had also never heard of). He talked to the manager and said he’d search on Google for me.

Google … what’s that? It was a search engine on the internet. God didn’t have to deal with loafers when he was on this earth. A basic sandal was good enough for any occasion.

When I made this plunder at the mall, the Lord didn’t judge me. Like when we put on weight or lose one hair or have bald spots. People tend to look at our outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. Everyone should have the Lord in their life. Cal Lord is right on!

Gloria J. Birchell


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