Letter: CCA’s only ‘special interest’ is Charlestown

Letter: CCA’s only ‘special interest’ is Charlestown

Comments by opposition candidates this election season have described the Charlestown Citizens Alliance as a special-interest organization and stated that this is somehow a despicable thing. The commentators don’t define what the alliance’s interests are except to say that they are against them.

The only “interest” that the alliance has is to protect Charlestown’s natural resources and low tax rate, to promote honest and transparent government, and to prevent unregulated development. Charlestown is indeed a very special place and it deserves our special interest.

Independent Charlestown Town Council candidates Bill Wilson, David Wilkinson, Bonnie Van Slyke, Virginia Lee, and Julie Carroccia share this same interest in Charlestown.

Any voter who has a “special” interest in the protection of our beautiful town should mark their Nov. 6 ballots with these names.

To learn more about these independent candidates or Charlestown Citizens Alliance, visit our website at charlestowncitizens.org and/or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/CharlestownCitizens.

Cliff Vanover


The writer is a member of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance steering committee.


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