Letter: Lustgarten’s response was a predictable one

Letter: Lustgarten’s response was a predictable one

Jay Lustgarten responded to my letter to the editor regarding President Trump exactly like I knew he would. Thanks for not disappointing me. I’ll take on the “green” America hurting Russia statement first.

Jay’s statement about converting to an entirely green America to hurt Russia is, to date, the single most ridiculous statement he has ever made, and that’s saying a lot. Jay knows as much about green energy as he did Obamacare.  In other words, he knows nothing about green energy. In case you don’t remember or weren’t around Westerly during the debate about Obamacare, Jay pontificated about how great it was going to be.  I hope he was smart enough to put the $2,500 a year in health care savings into Trump’s carbon-based energy booming economy. LOL.

So Jay, what’s the one word the eco-loons never use when they talk about green energy? That would be “affordable,” because it is not affordable and they know it. Here’s a short explanation that even Jay may be able to understand.

The green commercial systems you currently see around the area are plugged directly into the conventional grid. They supplement the grid and don’t need batteries.

To meet Jay’s nirvana of an entirely green America, it would take hundreds of millions of batteries to store the energy needed for a 100 percent weather- and time-of-day-dependent system. Now comes the hard part, Jay. Even you may have noticed, Jay, that batteries wear out. Depending on their location, batteries used in green energy systems typically last from 5 to 15 years.  So not only do you need to continually replace the batteries, you continually create hundreds of billions of pounds of highly toxic waste. The process of replacing the batteries and dealing with the waste is extremely expensive. Doesn’t sound very “green” to me, Jay.

Somewhere between 25 and 30 years of use, solar systems need to basically be rebuilt. Again, adding more expense and generating huge amounts of toxic waste for the nirvana system Jay so desperately wants.

But wait! There’s more. Not only are green energy systems time-of-day dependent, they are highly susceptible to harsh weather conditions and natural disasters — hurricanes, nor’easters, floods, etc. So Jay, in order to maintain a strong green-based economy, we would need to have at the ready and maintain a separate conventional energy system capable of supporting our needs. Maintaining two energy systems, one of them being unreliable, is from an economic standpoint, moronic.

And we would need to support a huge infrastructure for you green energy nirvana to the tune of thousands of square miles of land to support our energy needs. All that “green” stuff takes up a lot of space.

Jay, I know it’s hard to do, but you really need to start paying attention to the real world. I try to spend an hour or so a day after work and before my wife gets home keeping up with current events, especially world current events. If you did that, you would know, for example, that Italy is in the process of negotiating a pipeline deal with Russia. Germany is in the process of redoing its pipeline deal with Russia, and India, in desperate need of energy for its economy, is building power plants — not green energy “stuff” — as fast as they can. I “hate” to tell you this Jay but no country is following the Paris Climate Agreement.

And by the way, Jay, we passed the 30th anniversary and are into the 4th generation of the first time we had 10 years to save our planet.  How’s that global warming thingy working out? Shouldn’t downtown Westerly be Venice by now? Hey, there’s a way to really jumpstart downtown. Gondolas! If only global warming existed.

Global warming, climate change or whatever the name du jour is ranks at the bottom of things the vast majority of people are concerned with for a reason. The world economy is carbon-based energy driven. There is no world market for green energy. It is of limited use and expensive. The entirely green America Jay wants would destroy our economy and, in fact help Russia’s. Putin would be happy to provide the energy to the world that America provided before it converted to green energy. Makes me wonder ...  Jay, are you colluding with Russia?

Phil Gingerella


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