Guest commentary: Playing politics

Guest commentary: Playing politics

The Westerly Sun

Living my entire life in Rhode Island has been wonderful. I have seen a lot of things in the political arena, the good, the bad, and the unethical. Breaking this unethical cycle is the challenge we must continue to undertake by staying on course.

What I hear in traveling across the country and talking with many people is this: “Oh, you’re from Rhode Island. Better you than me,” along with other derogatory comments. I hear many stories about how someone chose to leave R.I. because it was impossible to run a successful business in a climate of overtaxing and over-regulating.

One of these businessmen now lives in Georgia and has a successful business employing over 250 people. We must keep these people here! Having started four businesses myself and having struggled to stay afloat, I can relate. This is one of the motivating factors that inspired me to take on the challenge of senator at the state level. I could no longer sit on the sidelines and complain; it was time to take action.

This is my first term as Senator for District 34. It has been the most productive and successful legislative sessions for both the Senate and the House in years. Monumental strides were accomplished by partnering with Department of Business Regulation and Department of Labor and Training. I have personally been involved in assisting businesses large and small in reducing taxes and streamlining the regulation process with the creation of an online system negating red tape, which is so often a major hindrance for maintaining good standing in the eyes of the state. There is so much more work to be done!

We need to continue our efforts to keep Rhode Island on the growing path to success. I have advocated on issues to make it easier and less costly to do business in R.I. and to grow jobs and the economy in a small-business state. I am honored to be named “Friend of Small Business” for the 2015-16 legislative session by the National Federation of Independent Business. In addition, The Center for Freedom and Prosperity rated me the Number One Senator in the state in protecting our freedom, values, and way of life.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the country. I will continue to work with National Federation of Independent Business to promote and make our state an attractive place. I believe and have faith that together, with good leadership and accountability, we will renew and restore our state to a place “We the People” can be proud of.

Importantly, Hopkinton is facing a major challenge that will be devastating to our community and way of life. Our governor wants a state-run “transit facility” at exit 1 off Interstate 95. If allowed, it will change our town permanently, starting with the pristine well water we enjoy. I am not a “rubber-stamp” senator who will let the leadership upstate tell our town what is best. I have formed a coalition “of the people, for the people” and have sworn to protect and serve our residents and towns. We have a voice. I am your strong voice. I am dedicated and working collaboratively with the five towns I have been elected to serve.

Keeping my promise to take the calls and emails of my constituents personally, I will never answer you with a cold, stock-type email. My record speaks for itself.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve you.

Please visit and review all legislator voting records at Please be an informed voter.

Sen. Elaine J. Morgan

The writer is the state senator representing Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Richmond and West Greenwich.


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