Area coastland still belongs to the Niantic people

Area coastland still belongs to the Niantic people


I enjoyed reading Gloria Russell’s Jan. 12 column about areas of Westerly and Charlestown in the 1940s and 1950s when I was a child. I remember the Blue Moon Tea Room and John Ahr Ford well.

I was disappointed when the next-to-last paragraph raised its false head. The land Mrs. Russell refers to was my people’s land, the Niantic. We had the coastland from what is now Narragansett through Watch Hill into Stonington and further. We were peaceable. We paid tribute to the mighty Narragansett for protection from the Pequots who invaded and stole our, the Niantic’s, salmon from the Pawcatuck River. The Pequots came from the upstate New York area about 400 to 500 years ago. The land you and yours are living on is still our, the Native People’s, land. The Creator knows this. One day you and yours will all fly to another planet to destroy it as you have done here with your over-building, pollution and Frederick Denison’s “Westerly and its Witnesses,” and other locally written versions of history.

Paulla Dove Jennings

Hope Valley

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