Thanks to the people of Hopkinton and beyond

Thanks to the people of Hopkinton and beyond


The Hopkinton Historical Association would like to thank everyone who contributed to the effort to remove the old maple tree threatening the gravestones in the Thurston Burial Lot in Hopkinton City. The Westerly Sun, and especially staff writer Cynthia Drummond, published an article explaining the situation and suggesting that citizens could contribute to a fund established by the Hopkinton Historical Association to help resolve it.

The response from people was very gratifying. Contributions came from Hopkinton citizens, as well as from people far beyond the borders of our little town. In addition to cash contributions, there were contributions of services. The Harkness family, who own Rocky’s Tree Service, removed the tree for a fee that could not have included a profit. The crew was very professional and sensitive to the historic setting in which they were working. No gravestones were damaged in the operation. Thompson Native Lumber accepted wood that was too large to go through Rocky’s chipper. The wood was accepted at no cost despite the fact that most of it was rotted and hollow and of no commercial value. Thank you one and all for what you did toward solving the problem and saving a piece of Hopkinton’s history for future generations.

We also wish to thank Thomas F. Black III of the Kimball Foundation for a donation toward the repairs and reconstruction of not only General Thurston’s Cemetery but of other Hopkinton historical cemeteries as well. General maintenance is always done by our devoted volunteers, but on occasion, we need specialty assistance and equipment — like repairing stone walls and iron work.

We are all so thankful for everyone who has understood the value of physical historic records — families that have been here forever and families that are newer to our town. We have all been honored and humbled by your kindnesses, and you have our deepest appreciation.

Richard Prescott, President, Hopkinton Historical Association

Barbara Capalbo, Hopkinton Town Councilor

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