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    Cameras needed to deter crime in Westerly

    It is clear that in this generation of “self absorption” and a “need to share” everything, including what was eaten for breakfast, no amount of surveillance is going to deter crime. The most spied-on city across the pond knows this for a fact.

    London has been living in the Orwellian society since the early 1980s. The era of Big Brother continues with a vast network of CCTV cameras, primarily in heavy congested areas such as shopping malls, tube stations and tourist attractions. Yet, London continues to struggle with crime reduction.

    What the CCTV cameras does best is help produce evidentiary material. Filming of crimes in progress could be found on YouTube. Subjects range from running over cycles to UPS box-stealing bandits. On the bigger front, videos and pictures helped to capture terrorists of the London tube bombings and the Boston Marathon bombings.

    Since we cannot efficiently police our citizens, we must now capture these perpetrators in action, on film and bring them to justice. How many more storefront windows, fixtures and beloved iconic statues must be destroyed or vandalized before a cohesive response take place? The time for action is now!

    Gabrielle Bourne


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