Letter: R.I. Republicans can’t stay silent on Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville

Letter: R.I. Republicans can’t stay silent on Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville

The Westerly Sun

There are plenty of good Republicans. I know that. They, and the rest of us, cannot turn away from what Charlottesville was and is about.

Citing many multiple news reports, David Duke and leaders of the Nazi and white supremacist movements such as Matthew Heimbach and Richard Spencer, cite trump as giving them this opportunity, giving them motivation that the time is now for white nationalism to rise in America.

The leftist groups are acting against oppression and concerns of white nationalists exterminating those who are against the “Unite the Right” vision for America. There is no equating the two.

Is it wrong to expect that Republican leaders across the country call on trump to fire Steve Bannon and that they need to work on a plan to knock down these hate groups and their efforts? How about calling for censure of their president? We cannot turn away here in Rhode Island. Shouldn’t we see better from the Republican officials?

In South Kingstown, we have two young Republicans, Rob Sullivan and Lacey Sheldon, running the local party, and they have been diligently networking with the national Republicans, working their way up, trying to rub elbows with trump.

Maybe similar is occurring in Westerly?

Should we not expect better from RI GOP Chair Brandon Bell, and all Republican officials in this state? South Kingstown also has two Republican public officials — Roland Benjamin and Blake Filippi, though Benjamin was appointed, not elected. I haven’t seen anything from them on this topic. Are Westerly’s GOP officials speaking out?

Lastly, we also need to consider that the Democrats are represented by House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, who comes from a Trump-supportive district. How is it that he is the most powerful elected official in blue state Rhode Island? We cannot turn away and we need to demand that they do better.

Jonathan Daly-LaBelle



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