Letter: Animals would have a different take on fair season

Letter: Animals would have a different take on fair season

The Westerly Sun

On its website, the North Stonington Agricultural Fair promises “the finest in entertainment, food, and wholesome fun for the whole family” and encourages us to “enjoy and learn about farm life.” If they could, the animals that are exploited at this and other celebrations of human dominance and indifference would tell a different story, one that describes the abject horrors of their lives.

Consider any animal who’s born into servitude and ask yourself if that individual has been treated fairly. Consider any animal who’s taken from her mother immediately after birth, following a forced pregnancy, and ask yourself if either of those individuals is being treated justly. Consider the animals who right now are lined up at the killing floor, where they’ll face an absolutely brutal end on their way to being packaged as food, and ask yourself if those individuals are being treated with compassion and respect.

The truth is that the animals who’ll be paraded around the North Stonington Fairgrounds are victims — ghosts whose lives were stolen the moment they were born. For them, the North Stonington Fair is anything but entertaining. For them, taking a bow before being marched to slaughter is anything but fun. For them, there is no family, and there certainly is nothing to enjoy.

Learn about farm life from their perspective and agricultural fairs will quickly reveal themselves as the celebrations of indifference that they are.

David Brensilver


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