Editorial: Winding down from stormy weather and political season

Editorial: Winding down from stormy weather and political season

The Westerly Sun

A batch of real loose ends at the end of a week that saw a Superstorm Sandy wannabe interrupt the normal flow of things on the fifth year of our first superstorm, and as we head into the homestretch of silly season, otherwise known as election season.

We already commented on the unexpected duration of power outages from last Sunday night’s storm in an editorial written Wednesday, but here it is Friday and people were still without power. This from a weather system billed as a strong nor’easter. Is the anger at the power companies misplaced? Should it be with those meteorologists who we like to joke about — retaining a job while being wrong 50 percent of the time? Meanwhile, there’s nothing funny about the non-functioning traffic light at the three-way intersection of Pequot Trail (state Route 234), Taugwonk Road and the Exit 91 northbound ramp. The light was without power as late as Friday afternoon. Will it be out through the weekend? How can the utility, the state, and town all allow such a dangerous scenario to last so long?

On a brighter note, what a pleasure to drive along Westerly’s Main Street. We’ve noted this as well, but as with the rebuilding of Cross Street completed this past summer, we find it hard to stop celebrating. Once this project is complete we will no longer have an embarrassment as a gateway to town.

We’re in the final days of the local election season on the Connecticut side of the border. In North Stonington, after years of familiar faces running for office, two relatively new names are on the ballot forfFirst selectman. I say relatively because Mike Urgo is chair of the School Modernization Committee and Asa Palmer serves on the Inland Wetlands Commission and works on his family dairy farm, which dates to 1897. In Stonington, incumbent First Selectman Rob Simmons is going up against former First Selectman George Crouse in a battle of very familiar faces. Stay tuned for our coverage of Tuesday’s races.

Back in Westerly, the battle over the airport  has reached a new and more interesting level. Now, all the factions are meeting and at least talking at the same table, so to speak. The Town Council hosted two meetings focused on the airport, one Oct. 26 and one on Monday. Airport proponents and critics aired their arguments, and while it’s unclear how much further down the road either side got toward satisfaction, at least this debate is out in the open with all players participating together.  


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