Letter: Tree-cutting at the Mystic Y was a blow

Letter: Tree-cutting at the Mystic Y was a blow

On Tuesday, Sept. 11, in Mystic, at a corner of the property that belongs to the Mystic YMCA, one particular tall, healthy white pine was cut down. It had a beautiful shape, afforded shade, and dropped a soft bed of red needles for day camp children to sit on. The ones that needed some time alone away from the group games sometimes built their fairy houses under the tree, using twigs, the needles, pebbles, shells, feathers and pine cones. One felt a sense of shelter there, and that engendered shelter-building. The tree had a beautiful canopy, with branches that extended horizontally like cantilevered roofs.

The wind blowing in off the marsh was beautiful in the branches and their needles. In early summer it was a pleasure to watch the tree spurt bunches of new bright needles.

This tree was cut this week. It stood between the newly renovated YMCA, with its large glass windows looking out over parking lots, and an increased water view. The additional shore that will now be more easily viewed, without the one obstructing tree, is a bit of marsh, a viaduct to Masons Island, and a line of condo buildings raised against the threat of a rising sea. Perhaps smaller trees will be planted that do not grow so tall. There is no room for majesty at the Mystic YMCA.

This is a sad day for Mystic. One would have thought of all trees, this one would have been safe. Who wanted it cut down? Why was there no opportunity for a discussion about this?

Janis Mink


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