Practicing Faith: We must all learn to find our own holy ground

Practicing Faith: We must all learn to find our own holy ground

The Westerly Sun

Some people describe it as a halo. It is that glow that radiates from someone who walks with God. We saw it in the life of Rev. Dr. Billy Graham. We heard many stories this week about the influence he had on people's lives. The presence of God was all around him.

I saw that same spirit last Sunday as it radiated in and through Pastor Joshua McClure. He was speaking at Savoy Bookshop in Westerly. The standing-room-only crowd was on the edge of their seats as he was sharing insights from his latest book, “On Holy Ground.”

"Holy ground isn't some place at the foot of a mountain," he explained. "Whenever you have an encounter with God, you are standing on holy ground." Moses knew something was up when he saw the burning bush. It wasn't the bush that marked the encounter. It was God.

We get often get sidetracked. We run around looking for a sacred space. We want our own burning bush. We lose sight of the fact that God only used the bush to get Moses' attention. From that point on God walked with Moses and the holy ground became a part of his life.

There is no prescribed place for it to be found. Some people find it on Sunday morning while sitting in worship. I have a friend who finds it along the beach as he watches the sun rise early in the morning. You can find it wherever grace and love and mercy is shared.

It isn't the location that determines holy ground: It is the "who" you are with. It is about spending time with God. People who walk with God have this glow radiating from them. When they talk about their faith, you know it is coming from their hearts. You see it reflected in their lives.

People look at Moses as being unique. He was the lawgiver. He was the leader of the Hebrew people. Yet Scripture suggests that if we are willing to invite God into our every day lives, then we will be standing on the same ground as Moses. God's glory will surround us.

I'd like to challenge you to spend a little time with Jesus every day during this Lenten season. Open up the Scriptures. Pick up a devotional book. Go to worship. Make time in your schedule to walk with him. In doing so, you'll find that holy ground is all around you.

The Rev. Cal Lord is pastor of Central Baptist Church of Westerly. 


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