Westerly Senior Center: Holiday reminders, dues, and shopping to benefit the center

Westerly Senior Center: Holiday reminders, dues, and shopping to benefit the center

With Thanksgiving in our rear view mirrors, we’re now into the stretch of the holiday season, and the center’s schedule will be adjusted. To prepare, the center will be closed on Dec. 25 and 26,  and Jan. 1. Bingo will be canceled during this period so that players and volunteers may enjoy the holidays with their families and friends. Table and floor shuffleboard will be canceled during the last two weeks of December. Please check your newsletter and this column for any adjustments to the daily schedule.

As a reminder to Westerly Senior Center members, dues will officially become due at the end of December. If you would like to rejoin for 2018, the staff in the front office will gladly accept your dues now. They are still $25 for the year. For those who plan to run for the three seats that will become available in May, you are required by center bylaws to have rejoined by Jan. 15, 2018.

If you are an Amazon customer, the senior center may receive 0.5 percent of your order if you sign into smileamazon.com instead of amazon.com and designate that you want Westerly Senior Center to receive a donation. Then whenever you purchase using smileamazon.com, the center will receive a donation. If you ask your friends and family to do this also, the donations will add up. Happy shopping.


For mealsite reservations, call Edie at 401-596-7216. Recommended donation is $3. Please make reservations on Thursdays for the next week. The menu is subject to change by the caterer.

Monday – Today’s meal is mushroom barley soup, penne pasta with meat ragu, sliced carrots, whole wheat breadstick, and dessert. Secondary option is Greek salad with chicken.

Tuesday – Today’s meal is split pea soup, honey glazed chicken, pasta salad with veggies, wax beans, and dessert. Secondary option is an Italian grinder.

Wednesday – Today’s meal is red clam chowder, fish and chips, coleslaw, and dessert. Secondary option is turkey club on wheat.

Thursday – Today’s meal is minestrone soup, beef bourguignon, parsley potatoes, peas, whole grain corn bread, and dessert. Secondary option is Caesar salad with chicken.

Friday – Today’s meal is tortellini soup, chicken Marsala, wild rice, green beans, and dessert. Secondary option is roast beef sandwich on bulkie roll.


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