Stonington police charge Westerly man in connection with Oct. 5 robbery, home invasion

Stonington police charge Westerly man in connection with Oct. 5 robbery, home invasion


STONINGTON — A 19-year-old Westerly man is facing charges in connection with a home invasion and armed robbery at a Whewell Circle apartment late last week. The police said evidence recovered during a search of the man’s apartment helped tie him to the theft of $626 in cash from a woman he knew.

The man, Jamie L. Corr, of 42 Batterson Ave., Apt. A, was arraigned in New London Superior Court Thursday morning on charges of second-degree larceny, first-degree robbery and home invasion. He was ordered held on bond.

According to an affidavit released after his arraignment, Corr entered an apartment in a three-story home at 1 Whewell Circle, off Route 1 in the Wequetequock area, on Oct. 5 while wearing dark clothing and a black and red mask. The police said he pointed a handgun at the woman, who lived in the apartment, and demanded that she “hand over her cash.”

The woman told police she had the money in her shirt pocket and that she had just finished counting it before the incident. According to the victim, she shouted “who are you?” at the robber several times, but he continued to demand that she give him her money. She refused and he eventually grabbed the cash from her hand, pointing the gun at her and demanding she “wait five minutes before moving.” The affidavit said Corr then ran from the apartment.

Detectives spoke with several people, including a neighbor who had his door open at the time, as well as a landscaper/contractor who was working in the area, the affidavit said. Although neither saw the incident, they provided details of the suspect, including tattoos on Corr’s neck, and a description of his getaway vehicle, a tan Chevrolet Silverado Z71.

Later that evening, police were again contacted by the victim after she received “suspicious text messages” from a friend through Facebook’s messenger system, the affidavit said. The messages, sent about two hours after the robbery, indicated that the friend was in the Silverado, which belonged to her mother, when the robbery occurred, and had also been robbed. The friend had visited the apartment shortly before the incident, the affidavit said.

Surveillance images taken from a video camera atop the Stonington Police Headquarters on Route 1 showed the westbound truck going past the department at 4:27 p.m., and then heading in the opposite direction about 11 minutes later. Video from the Henny Penny gas station at 466 Liberty St. shortly thereafter helped the detectives identify the passengers as Corr, his father, and a female friend, the police said. Neither the father nor the other woman has been charged.

The same video also showed the friend, who claimed to be robbed, acting in a friendly manner with Corr — receiving a “piggyback” ride from him and kissing Corr on the cheek as they entered the store, the police said.

Stonington detectives and the Westerly police obtained a search warrant for a North Woody Hill Road home where Corr and his father were living. With Westerly’s assistance, a search of the apartment was conducted and police seized a black and red neck warmer and two facsimile BB guns; one looked like a Beretta M9 and matched the description provided by the victim.

The police said Corr told them that he and the female who had accompanied him had just dealt marijuana to the victim. The warrant stated that the woman has multiple sclerosis and would occasionally seek delivery of marijuana when she was too sick to get to a dispensary. When his companion left the apartment, the police said, Corr ran up the stairs and robbed the victim.

He said he never told his father or his friend of his intent, but that she may have “put two and two together,” the police said. According to the affidavit, Corr admitted that he has struggled with heroin addiction and needed the money to fund his habit. He told police that he stole “probably $400 to $500” from the woman.

Corr’s friend also indicated to police that she knew Corr was thinking about committing the robbery and had tried to “talk him out of it” beforehand.

Corr was arrested Wednesday afternoon when an officer saw him walking along West Broad Street in Pawcatuck. Both the warrant and police summary reports indicate that the investigation remains active and additional charges could be filed.

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