Sanders to get 8 R.I. delegates, Clinton locks 7

Sanders to get 8 R.I. delegates, Clinton locks 7

The Westerly Sun

WARWICK — The Rhode Island Democratic Party has selected delegates to represent the state during the National Convention and has approved a plan that would provide eight delegate votes for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and seven for Hillary Clinton based on the results of the April 26 primary.

Joseph M. McNamara, chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, on Monday announced the winning delegates of the recent Presidential Preference Primary. The assigned delegates will be formalized following certification of election results by the R.I. Board of Elections.

The delegates were chosen based upon rules of the Democratic National Committee, adhering to its mathematical model for determining who could be delegates, McNamara said. The model includes presidential preference by congressional district, highest vote-counts and gender.

“What an exciting election we’ve had,” said Chair McNamara. “There was a great and enthusiastic turnout for our Democratic presidential candidates that brought many new and seasoned voters to the polls and helped shine a light on the pressing issues facing Americans today. These delegates will represent Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton with continued passion and hard work: in the end we will all work together to support the nominee no matter who she or he may be.”

Congressional District 1

For U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders:

• Roland C. Gauvin

• Laura Perez

• Walter M. Conklin

• Amanda Montgomery

For Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

• H. Claiborne Pell

• Myrth York

• Joseph R. Paolino III

• Deborah L. Ruggiero

Congressional District 2

For U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders:

• Jeanine Calkin

• John D. Hamilton

• Maggie A. Kain

• Todd W. Ellison

For Former Secy. of State Hillary Clinton:

• Eva M. Mancuso

• Patrick T. Fogarty

• L. Susan Weiner

There will still be three PLEO (Public Leader and Elected Officer) and six At-Large delegates selected on June 12 at a State Committee meeting, and they will be awarded proportionately based on Rhode Island’s Primary vote.

McNamara will now certify these delegates to the Democratic National Convention, and hold an informal gathering at the state party headquarters to meet one another and learn more about the upcoming convention process.

— Sun Staff


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