DEM’s Westerly cesspool list

DEM’s Westerly cesspool list


As of Aug. 14, according to the state Department of Environmental Management, there were 73 known cesspools in Westerly subject to the state’s Cesspool Phaseout Act of 2007, and another 50 systems that may be subject to the law. Some of the properties on the list may be in the process of obtaining permits. For instance, property at 651 Atlantic Ave., site of the Seaside Beach Club, is on the DEM list but the club was recently approved by the town to install a new septic system. Following is the list as provided by the DEM:

Susan M. Coburn, 33 Lanphere Road; Lane Stuart C., 4 Bayview Drive; Anthony J. A. Bryan, 59 Watch Hill Road; Stephen J. L. Page, 33½ Watch Hill Road; Lauren A. and Irwin Chester M. Matarese, 231 Shore Road; Martin A. and Frances M. Jones, 376 Shore Road; Thomas P. and Beth L. Giuliano, 50 Rossini Road; Mark A. et al Adams, 58 Rossini Road; Lillian M. et als Troiano , 70 Rossini Road; O’Brien C. Christopher c/o Jerry B. Swartz Accountancy Corp., 15 Avondale Road; W. H. Properties (Cove Edge) LLC, 93 Watch Hill Road; Harold W. and Heidi G. Fink, 24 Avondale Road; Linda D. Grimes, 74 Watch Hill Road; Kurt C. H. et als Carlson, 19 Shell Drive; Sylvia M. Gulla, 15 Shell Drive; Robert R. et als Despres, 13 Shell Drive; Walter E. III and Eileen M. Reynolds, 48 Harbor Drive; Helen T. Sacco, 5 Egret Lane.

Also, Bonita A. and Michelle A. Buck, 64 Weekapaug Road; Bellone John, 10 Ricci Road; John F. and John C. Crandall, 16 Ricci Road; Joanna et als Richardson c/o Alice Ostrander, Trustee, 18 Ricci Road; Regina M. Woods, 10 Snowberry Lane; Edward V. Belleavoine, 15 Snowberry Lane; Jonathan F. Knight, 37 Ayers Road; The Saints Limited Partnership, 51 Haversham Road; Haversham RFD1 LLC et als c/o Patrick Verdier, 47 Haversham Road; Beverly M. Christy c/o Nicholas P. Christy Trustee, 88 Rossini Road; Thomas Family Trust, 90 Rossini Road; Angelo Rainaldi, 85 Donizetti Road; Russell J Amoruso, 3 Fox Run; Russell J Amoruso, 3½ Fox Run; Dowd Andrew J. and Stephanie Lynes, 1 Fox Run; Paul J. Gibson, 23 Rabbit Run; Judith W. Nill et als, 5 Weekapaug Road; Richard H Clarida and Polly M. Barry, 38 Wawaloam Drive.

Also, Wawaloam LLC et al, 48 Wawaloam Drive; Charles S. III Whitman, 15 Breen Road; Brian M. Capalbo, 25 Pasadena Ave.; Edwin T. Davis, 14 Winnapaug Road; Thomas J. Jr. Capalbo, 30 Winnapaug Road; Laura Ann Scalise, 43 Winnapaug Road; Annalisa Fornarelli, 10A Rabbit Run; Annalisa Fornarelli, 10B Rabbit Run; Patricia Drum, 12 Rabbit Run; Amy A. Somberg, 11 Rabbit Run; James M. Robak, 5 Rabbit Run; Barbara Stillman, 1 Rabbit Run; Lewis A. Jr. and Cathy A. Baribault, 31 Winnapaug Road; Sea Shell LLC, 19 Winnapaug Road; Martin F. Clemens, 9 Winnapaug Road; Gary Fiore, 139 Atlantic Ave.; John Houston, 553 Atlantic Ave.; Margaret Aune, 122 Atlantic Ave.; Dorothea K. et als Steiff c/o Steve Kelly, 17A Spray Rock Road; Priscilla C. et al Stieff, 17B Spray Rock Road; Thomas W. Smith, 11 Wapan Road.

In addition, Perkins Jr. and Lee Marguerite L. Hixon, 21 Foster Cove Road; Tina M. Isles Barney, 15 Foster Cove Road; Lisa Griffin Mcgill, 4 Arraquat Road; Michael P. et al Lazarus c/o Weston Presidio Capital, 6 Foster Cove Road; Frances C. et als Hardie, 6½ Arraquat Road; Frances C. et als Hardie, 6 Arraquat Road; Noel Judith S. Trust, 6 Wapan Road; Dorothy Ellis and David A. Koprowski, 4 Maplewood Ave.; Family Qual Pers Res. Tr. Schaffrick, 12 Maplewood Ave.; Marie C and Michael Conrad Wheeler, 16 Maplewood Ave.; Carol A. et als Lambert Lisa Kramarewicz, 53½ Atlantic Ave.; Rachel V. Gross, 42 Atlantic Ave.; Holly Krota and David Maryniski, 50 Atlantic Ave.; Bonnie T. Conroy, 54 Atlantic Ave.; Stanton J. Jr. Terranova, 58B Atlantic Ave.; Terranova Realty LLC, 64 Atlantic Ave.; Reva Novogroski and Isadore Paisner, 51 Atlantic Ave.

Also, Linda Sprague, 68 Atlantic Ave.; Colucci Realty LP, 102 Atlantic Ave.; Loretta E. Libby, 117 Atlantic Ave.; Joseph Simonelli, 115 Atlantic Ave.; Colucci Realty LP, 89 Atlantic Ave.; Patrick and Michelle Pinto, 4 Benson Ave.; Barbara P. Fedun, 36 Bay St; Audrey C. Moore, 7 Pawcatuck Ave.; William R. Blair, 7 Kidds Way; Suzanne G. Trustee MaClear, 6 Larkin Road; Richard H. Sayre, 10 Larkin Road; Grande George H. J. and Joanne C., 37 Weekapaug Road; Grimaldi Lawrence S. et als, 47 Breach Drive; Nobert Normand S. Jr. Est. of Church Hill Rd, 35 Breach Drive; Grande George H. J., 38 Weekapaug Road; Grande Carl H. II and George H., 40 Weekapaug Road; Woods Robert B. et als, 468 Atlantic Ave.; Caldwell Janet I. Trust - Caldwell Don, 563 Atlantic Ave.; Shay Timothy et als and Shay Justin T. Esq, 499 Atlantic Ave.

In addition, Bonk Catherine V., 489 Atlantic Ave.; Toscano John P. and Nancy Ann, 473 Atlantic Ave.; Brown Clarence G., 465 Atlantic Ave.; Trefes Elias H. and Vera Jean, 461 Atlantic Ave.; Payne J. Raymond Est. Of, 457 Atlantic Ave.; Vocatura Michael F. and Hattie, 454 Atlantic Ave.; Jarem Nicholas P. and Sandra L., 462 Atlantic Ave.; Stellitano Mary Virginia Lvg. Tr. (The) c/o Stellitano Mary V. Trustee, 466 Atlantic Ave.; Petros Gerald J. Trustee, 597 Atlantic Ave.; Moeckel Bruce H., 585 Atlantic Ave.; Seaside Beach Club Inc., 651 Atlantic Ave.; Turano Peter G Jr., 10 Breach Drive; Conti John Neil and Beverly A., 12 Breach Drive; Liguori Mary Ann et als Marcotte Mary Ann, 18 Breach Drive; Bredice Allan E., 28 Breach Drive; Dyer Joseph T. Jr., 27 Breach Drive; Turano Joseph B., 25 Breach Drive; Retano Linda B. and Thomas F, 23 Breach Drive.

Also, Brennan Michael, 21 Breach Drive; Demott Sheryl S. et als, 11 Breach Drive; Kern Nicholas W. and Kern Deborah O., 5 Breach Drive, Unit 1; Carabese Jesse G. and Amy E. et al, 5 Breach Drive, Unit 2; Ritacco Francesco and Bombina, 664 Atlantic Ave.; Trefes Charles H. Est. Of and Elias H., 321 Atlantic Ave.; Light Bonnie G. and Soloveitzik Charles S., 447 Atlantic Ave.; Lewiss Florence R., 431 Atlantic Ave.; Bonk Judith H., 395 Atlantic Ave.; Trefes Charles H. Est of and Elias H., 338 Atlantic Ave.; Libby Richard, 382 Atlantic Ave.; Lisa Michael and Lisa Terri Ann, 400 Atlantic Ave.

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