Mom’s the word for local mothers group

Mom’s the word for local mothers group

The Westerly Sun

WESTERLY — On a gray January morning, members of the Moms Club of Chariho and Westerly are gathered for breakfast at two tables at the Cooked Goose restaurant, while their children play together near the fireplace. The club has existed for 12 years, and its mission is simple: provide opportunities for mothers with very young children to get together and do some good works in the community.

Richmond resident Raquel Kocab, known to her friends as “Rocky,” is the club’s president.

“I think the biggest thing is just getting you out of the house and giving you something new to do,” she said. “You can try new things and you have friends to help you with the kids.”

There is a business meeting, also known as a social, the first Friday of each month at Clark Memorial library in Richmond.

“Any mom is welcome to come and check us out for free,” Kocab said. “We usually do a craft or a story. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get a speaker. We’ve done yoga there for the kids.”

Members, who currently number approximately 30, also gather for casual meet-ups a couple of times a week, and all the events are open to new and prospective members. Group activities include ice skating, and visits to Ninigret park, the KidZone indoor playground and Save the Bay in Westerly.

While most of the events are child-friendly, once a month “We also have a moms’ night out, where it’s just us ladies,” Kocab said. “We’ll go to dinner or have game night or just get together. At game night, we never touched a game. We all just sat and chatted and had appetizers and desserts together.”

Prospective members can find out more about the club on Meetup.RI.

“They can see our calendar and come to any event,” Kocab said. “They can try us out.”

There is a 45-day free trial, and annual memberships are $20. Money left over at the end of the year is donated to local charities.

“They can come to one or two events, and if they like us — awesome,” Vice President Caitlyn Lifschitz, of Westerly, explained. There are activities in all three Chariho towns and Westerly, so everyone has a chance to participate.

“When we are setting up our events every month, we make sure that not everything is in Richmond or Westerly,” Lifschitz said. “We try to make sure that it’s diverse enough, to where not everyone has to drive a half hour just to get to every event. It’s really accommodating, because if you can’t make anything that month, no one’s going to judge you.”

“If people have a new baby and they just kind of need a break, it’s no big deal,” Kocab added. “Just come back when it’s right for you.”

Member Tina Noble sat near the fireplace, watching as seven children colored and played.

“Everyone just kind of keeps an eye on everybody’s kids,” Lifschitz said. “It’s not like ‘I’m only going to watch my kids.’ You get to know everyone so well.”

In addition to offering fun activities for mothers and their children, the club provides valuable emotional support.

“A lot of times it’s a mom who just had her second child and she’s losing it and she needs the support of the other moms,” Lifschitz said. “It’s really hard being a stay-at-home mom.”

Connie Willeford, a Richmond mother of six, was ordering breakfast for her 3-year-old son, Tate.

“I have been a member for two years,” she said. “I was a second-time mom. I have older kids, and with those kids, everybody around me had little people, and now nobody around me has little people, so it worked really well,” she said.

The Moms Club of Chariho and Westerly is affiliated with International Moms Club, a nonprofit group that connects mothers with local clubs. In addition to supporting families, affiliated clubs are required to do public service, so local chapters are involved with charities in their areas. Chariho-Westerly club members undertake community service projects every year to benefit organizations such as the WARM shelter and the Jonnycake Center. Last Christmas, they collected pennies and bought presents for two local families.

Lifschitz said the best thing about the club was the friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

“There’s no cattiness. Everybody is just really sweet. All the kids play really nicely together. It’s a drama and judgment-free zone,” she said.

Moms (and dads too) can learn more about the club by contacting Lifschitz on the club’s Meetup RI page at



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