What Westerly-area folks living in Florida are doing to escape Irma’s wrath

What Westerly-area folks living in Florida are doing to escape Irma’s wrath


We reached out through Facebook on Friday to people living in Florida with a connection to the greater Westerly area to hear what they were doing in advance of Hurricane Irma’s approach. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Terry Crandall — My wife Sue and I decided to stay put here in Bonita Springs and ride out the storm. I hope we do not regret it. We are in a small first floor condo, middle of the building. Our Lanai faces east, our front door faces west. The track of hurricane Irma has changed a few times, the current projected course brings her closer to us than I would like. We are well stocked with supplies, and some adult beverages. Power will be out for a while however I’ve been told by some neighbors that we are on the same line as a nursing home and a fire station so it might be on sooner than later. I’ll try to keep you posted as the event unfolds.

William Galietti — Moved down from Bradford 7 days ago. Great timing, Huh,??? :). I Still get the Sun, on line... We’re ready, !!!

Tina DeLude — Hi Thanks for asking. I live with my 9 yr old dog in Jensen Beach. If IRMA stays West we should be good. Praying

Ashley Foster — Got my supplies ready for a few days here in Hernando, citrus county, central west side of Florida. Preparing for the worst but praying for the best. Shouldn’t be too bad by the time it hits us we hope.

Liz Cayer Collier — Boarded up in Vero Beach, path has changed a bit to the west. Line crews staging now from Texas and Georgia to help us restore power. All is good right now, Sunday will be it for our area.

Ellen Balazy — My husband and I are in South Fort Myers, we have plenty of water and food to get us through. House is boarded up.

Megan Cole — Boarded up our house in Naples and drove to North Carolina at 10pm on Tuesday before the roads were gridlocked. Glad we are safe and away from the storm but terrified of what we are going home to when Irma is finished.

Beth Shaw — We are waiting it out here in Jacksonville. We’re suppose to get hit late Sunday night through Monday morning.

Jennifer Lynn — Riding it out here in Lakeland, Polk County. Very prepared and not panicking. Yet.

Kristan Servidio — In Port Charlotte hoping for the best looks like it’s coming right at us .... riding it out at home with the 3 puppies

Steve Johnston — My daughter and son in law and grandson left Naples and are staying in Panama City with his sister for now. If it gets bad there they are going to Tennessee to stay with his brother. They could lose it all in Naples.

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