Tractor-trailer busts guard rail, rolls down embankment

Tractor-trailer busts guard rail, rolls down embankment


STONINGTON — Emergency responders closed a section of Route 49 Thursday morning after a tractor-trailer lost control near the Exit 92 off-ramp from Interstate 95 before breaking through the guardrail and rolling down a grassy embankment beside the highway.

The accident, which occurred just before 9 a.m., did not result in any serious injuries, according to emergency responders. The truck appeared to have lost control, rolling off the highway and down the embankment along the exit ramp before ending up on its side. The driver, who was not identified, was able to exit the truck before emergency officials arrived.

Responders immediately closed a portion of Route 49 and the off-ramp to address a diesel fuel spill, but all lanes and the off-ramp were reopened by 10 a.m. The truck, which was not blocking any portion of roadway, remained at the location into the afternoon due to concerns over trying to lift it out in blizzard conditions.

Emergency responders indicated that slick conditions may have played a role in the crash, but the exact cause remains under investigation.

The crash took out a 400-foot section of guardrail, which will be repaired when the weather clears by Connecticut Department of Transportation crews. In addition, state workers are expected to address the fuel spill on Friday.

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