Town crew removes rogue parking-limit signs at Weekapaug overlook

Town crew removes rogue parking-limit signs at Weekapaug overlook


WESTERLY — Unapproved parking signs at the overlook on Spray Rock Road in Weekapaug have been removed.

Town Manager Derrik M. Kennedy informed the Town Council on Monday that the signs had not been put up by the town and the time limit of 30 minutes to park at the overlook as described on the signs was never established by town ordinance.

“What’s your plan?” Council Vice President Mario Celico asked Kennedy.

“The signs will be removed,” Kennedy replied.

As of Tuesday afternoon the signs had been removed by the town from the popular spot where many stop to have lunch in their vehicles, on one of the benches, or on the rocks overlooking Block Island Sound. It is also a popular site from which to watch surfers.

Councilor Jack Carson proposed officially establishing a 30-minute or one-hour time limit during the summer and having no limit the remainder of the year. Councilors Philip Overton, Edward Morrone, and William Aiello agreed with Carson. Councilor Jean Gagnier said similar short-term parking spots should be established at other points along the town’s share of the coastline.

Kennedy said he would speak with Weekapaug Fire District officials about the signs and establishing an official time limit. On Wednesday, Kennedy said a fire district official told him the town erected the two signs about 30 years ago.

Mike Ryan, a resident who uses the overlook as an access point to surf, suggested a two-hour time limit. He also noted the spot is one of the few in town where sand is actually accumulating as opposed to being washed away. Ryan, a member of the town’s Public Parking Commission, said the commission studied the overlook and could find no evidence that an official time limit had ever been established.

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