Stonington recognizes officer for 40 years service

Stonington recognizes officer for 40 years service


STONINGTON — When Officer Dale Brummond joined the Stonington Police Department in 1976, life as a police officer was a lot different. Brummond recalls that morale was at an all-time low, due in large part to the Vietnam War, and the department was a small agency in transition, increasing its ranks to serve a growing community.

It was a difficult time to become an officer, but the 40-year Stonington policeman said if he could go back and do it all over again, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“This is a department that has been blessed through the years to have some high-caliber, professional officers and it has been an absolute pleasure to serve my hometown alongside people of such high integrity,” he said.

Brummond is now Stonington’s second longest serving officer all-time — former police chief David Erskine served the department for 43 years before retiring in 2008 — and he said recently that his proudest accomplishment has been being able to routinely help those in the town where he grew up.

The 60-year-old lifelong Stonington resident joined the department in a part-time role. In February 1977, he was promoted to full-time officer. A few years later, he and his wife Jeanne married — the two recently celebrated 36 years together — and they settled in their Stonington home, paving the way for him to advance through the ranks.

Brummond served six years as a patrol officer. In the 1980s he was promoted to training officer, and he then spent several years as a youth officer, and worked as a sergeant in the patrol division. Eventually he served five years as a sergeant in the detective division. During his time as a sergeant, Brummond was also supervisor of the department’s marine patrol and tactical units.

Stonington Police Chief Darren Stewart, who began working with the department when Brummond was serving as the training officer, said Brummond has always been dedicated to helping families in the community.

During a presentation before the Stonington Board of Selectman in late February, Stewart read a statement recognizing Brummond’s service and included a letter from a family thanking Brummond for his compassion in their toughest time.

“That’s the type of officer and person he is,” Stewart said. “He has always been dedicated to this community and it’s important to recognize the decades of service he has given to our town and to the state.”

A father of two, Brummond expressed thanks to his family for their support and understanding as he worked many holidays and continued to serve the community, often sacrificing their own desires for his career. He said they never wavered in their support, and that was why, when his family was faced with personal challenges some years ago, he made a difficult decision to step back from serving in a leadership role with the department.

“I was still happy to be serving, but it was time to step back for personal reasons,” he said.

Looking back on his decorated career, Brummond said that one of the biggest changes in the past 40 years has been the advance in technology. Brummond said that as he looks ahead, he’s not sure what life might bring, but added that he isn’t ready for retirement and does not plan to step aside anytime soon.

“At this point, I am enjoying the job and taking things one day at a time,” Brummond said. “I give thanks every day that I am in this position, where I can help the citizens in the community. Hopefully I will be able to continue to do that for some time yet.”

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