Road racing: Westerly’s Walker takes sixth in Blessing of the Fleet 10-Miler

Road racing: Westerly’s Walker takes sixth in Blessing of the Fleet 10-Miler

NARRAGANSETT — Westerly’s Matthew Walker finished sixth in the Blessing of the Fleet 10-Miler road race on Saturday.

Walker covered the course in 55:30 and was first in the 19 and under age group. The event is one of the more popular road races in the state as 2,203 runners completed it on a muggy day.

Brian Doyle of Davidson, N.C., who ran at Bishop Hendricken and Providence College, finished first in 50:54.

Annmarie Tuxbury of New Hartford, Connecticut was the first female runner across the line placing 22nd overall in 58:39.

Jackie Burr of Westerly was the first local female finisher placing 81st in 1:05.30.

Other local runners in the top 100 were: Keith McAteer, Westerly, (28th, 59:39), Matthew Drummond, Wuoming (29th, 59:43); Tommy Bousquet, Westerly (43rd, 1:01:04), Garrett Miller, Carolina (54th, 1:02:38), Tim Champlin, Charlestown (72nd, 1:04:42), Kyle Keefe, Hope Valley (85th, 1:05:51).

Those finishes 101-299 were: Jeffrey Vuono, Westerly (102nd, 1:06:46), Evan O’Neil, Hope Valley (104th, 1:06:50), Erin Hub, Westerly, (127th, 1:09:0), Jeff Walker, Westerly (152nd, 1:11:29), Aaron Tallardy, Westerly (163rd, 1:12:07), Sullivan Cummings, Carolina (204th, 1:14:14), Brittany Richer, Westerly (209th, 1:14:33).

Those finishing 300-400 were: Jackson Desimone, Hope Valley (306th, 1:17:56), Elizabeth Marchetti, Charlestown (340th, 1:19:06), Sadie Gillett Madison, Wyoming (369th, 1:20:05), Jason Wollenberg, Hopkinton ( 370th, 1:20:06) and Luke Mead, Charlestown (372nd, 1:20:11).

Those finishsing 400-500 were: Steve Taber, Ashaway (412th, 1:21:31), Luke Gillett, Wyoming (416th, 1:21:39), Ashleigh Avanzino, Westerly      (429th, 1:21:59), Isabel Baker, Charlestown (465th, 1:21:59), Jonathan Roussin, Westerly (473rd, 1:23:10), Greg Hunter, Mystic (47th, 1:23:13) and Lynne Richesin Plouffe, Hope Valley (500th, 1:24:05).



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