DUI suspect’s driver’s license had been suspended for 30 years

DUI suspect’s driver’s license had been suspended for 30 years

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RICHMOND — A local man whose driver’s license was suspended more than 30 years ago has been charged with DUI and other traffic violations after a one-car crash last week.

Richmond police charged 55-year-old Dennis Allen, of 320 Hillsdale Road, with driving under the influence with an unknown blood alcohol content, driving when license is suspended, and failure to submit to a chemical test. He was also cited for failure to maintain proper lane.

The police said Allen and an adult passenger suffered minor injuries around 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 7 when a car driven by Allen veered off Kingstown Road near Heaton Orchard Road and hit a tree head-on.

Allen and the passenger were treated at the scene by Valley Ambulance personnel and were then taken to South County Hospital for further treatment.

Based on observations at the scene, police said officers had reason to believe Allen was driving under the influence. Allen refused take a breathalyzer test at the hospital, police said.

Police said the investigation also revealed that Allen’s license had been under suspension since March 28, 1987, as a result of his failure to complete a court-mandated alcohol education program. The suspension remained active because he had not completed the requirements to reactivate his license, officials said.

Allen was given a summons and is expected to appear before the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal on Nov. 21, according to court records.  



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