Boston-based brewery, farm-to-table operations seeking a home in North Stonington

Boston-based brewery, farm-to-table operations seeking a home in North Stonington

NORTH STONINGTON — Representatives from the Boston-based Trillium Brewing Company have told North Stonington Planning and Zoning Commission members they are interested in establishing a brewery in town.

Founder Esther Tetreault and Nick Bonadies, director of development, said their hope was to attach a small inn and restaurant to the brewery and serve farm-to-table foods. Trillium was part of a workshop held by the commission at its regular meeting on Feb. 8. 

As part of its long-term plan, Trillium is seeking agricultural land to grow wheat, rye, and fruit trees, Tetreault and Bonadies said. The harvest would also be used to supply the company’s operations in the Fort Hill and Roslindale sections of Boston, as well as in Canton, Massachusetts.

Trillium, established in 2013, markets itself as a “New England farmhouse brewery,” that uses only local ingredients when possible. 

The commission hasn’t taken any action on the proposal as no application has been filed with the town of North Stonington to date.

A wellness retreat

Commission members heard from local family physician Stefana Pecher, who has a proposal to start an 8- to 10-room wellness retreat center. Architect Jeff Horn joined Pecher, who currently has offices in Holly Green Plaza, to present the conceptual proposal. 

The plan would also allow for the development of a farm building to offer sustainable agriculture and farming by local veterans, she told the commission. The proposed indoor facility would be open year-round.


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