Gullah band Ranky Tanky to perform at The Towers

Gullah band Ranky Tanky to perform at The Towers

NARRGANSETT — Ranky Tanky, the The South Carolina band that stopped the show at the Philadelphia Folk Festival in August, will bring their blend of Georgia Sea Island rhythms, vocals, stories of the Gullah people and the musicianship of a jazz quartet to The Towers next Monday, for a 7:30 p.m. show.

Ranky Tanky landed in the 2017 ITunes Top 10 Jazz albums, and will stop in Rhode Island on their way to Lincoln Center.

The band, whose name means "work it" or "go for it" in the Gullah language, are known for their soul-touching music and intense renditions of the classics. Dance lovers will be inspired to hop on the dance floor, said local organizer Johnette Rodriguez. The band will “stir your feet with the polyrhythms of Gullah game songs and get your hands clapping to a stirring spiritual,” she said in a release.

‘They are each polished and professional musicians in other incarnations but when they come together in Ranky Tanky, the whole is even greater than its parts,” she said.

Members consist of Drummer Quentin E. Baxter, a Grammy-nominated producer who is on the staff of the College of Charleston; Bassist Kevin Hamilton, who has played with many groups internationally and on a regular basis with the Charleston Jazz Orchestra; Vocalist Quiana Parler, who won a top spot on "American Idol" and has toured extensively ever since; Guitarist/vocalist Clay Ross, who has toured worldwide as a cultural ambassador for the U.S. State Department, and trumpet player/vocalist Charlton Singleton, the artistic director and conductor of the Charleston Jazz Orchestra.

“Against that significant background of prestigious musicianship, each band member's personality shines through when they perform the music and stories of their native land,” added Rodriguez. “Gullah history and music make up one of the patches in the great quilt of Americana, and Ranky Tanky brings that Gullah culture to Rhode Island.”

The concert is sponsored by The Friends of the Towers. Tickets are $20 and are available at The or at the door. For more information, call 401-782-2597.



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