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Greetings dear friends and readers and welcome back for our final January 2018 visit on the Front Porch where we’re preparing for a new month, a “Super Blue Blood Moon” (“Wednesday morning brings an astronomical trifecta: a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon,” said NPR’s Windsor Johnson) and Sunday’s Super Bowl LII! Go Pats!

Speaking of the new month, please indulge me for a moment, while I share a pet peeve. February has two Rs and both are pronounced – thus, the correct pronounciation is “Feb-ROO-erry” not “Feb-YOU-erry.” There, I feel better already. Happy Feb(ROO)ary

Now, back to football and the Patriots and the Super Bowl. Westerly artist Palmer Murphy has an interesting connection to New England’s team. Thanks to another local artist, Kaleeny Cannon, I learned that Palmer, a sculptor, has one of his creations on ebay that should be of interest to Pats’ fans – a sculpted door knocker inspired by Patriot’s Head Coach Bill Belichick. Palmer, who studied art at The Tisch School at NYU, The School of Visual Arts and The Sculpture Center in New York City, and has had his work on display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame  and the Babe Ruth Museum, said he noticed Belichick’s resemblance to Jacob Marley (yes, the Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”) while watching the Christmas classic and felt inspired to create his knocker. I’ll visit with Palmer later this week and we’ll share photos of the Belichick knocker and the story of how it came to be. Stay tuned. 

Westerly has yet another reason to feel proud, thanks to Westerly resident Daniel Hostettler (who recently celebrated a birthday and was recently named the Relais & Chateaux Eastern Regional Delegate) and the folks at Ocean House. (Full disclosure, my husband Sam has worked for both the new Royce OH and the old Brankert OH for most of his life.) Earlier this month, author and customer service expert Micah Solomon wrote about Mr. H and the OH in Inc.’s the “Art of Doing Vacations Well” section called “What in the World is Triple Five-Star Customer Service? Ocean House’sDaniel Hostettler Spills the Beans,” with the subtitle “How one of the world's only triple five-star hotels performs its magic: A visit with the President of Rhode Island’s Ocean House and OHM Management.” Solomon also mentions The Blantyre,  a 114-year-old Gilded Age cottage in the Berkshires, which is being managed by Hostettler and his OHM Management team and was just featured in a Berkshire Eagle story. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that our fearless leader David Tranchida is leaving us. Well, we’re not that easy to leave, so there. We’ll miss him, but will keep you posted on all things Tranchida! 

What a moving, fitting send-off it was for Josephine “Nani Jay” Christina Thursday. There wasn’t a dry eye when the amazing Lisa Marie, accompanied by Jay’s beautiful granddaughter, Jennifer Christina Holden, sang “Amazing Grace.” Would that we all could lead lives half as rich, as full and as loving, and with such devoted sons, daughters and family. May her legacy live on. 

Ciao Bella!




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