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Greetings from the Front Porch dear friends and kind readers, and welcome to our final visit of August 2018 here on the Front Porch where we’re enjoying the plump, plentiful native tomatoes and colorful zinnias, but somewhat sentimental about seeing the early mums and the colors of the leaves changing on the trees so soon. But then again, it’s already back to school for many students, the signs for the Fallfest are dotting the roadways, and I’ve already seen Halloween candy on the shelves at CVS. It was inevitable that summer would come to a close, I know, but it never happens without a hint of melancholy. 

Speaking of melancholy — mixed with marvel — if you haven’t seen/heard Eileen “Leenie” Fiore’s gorgeous rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at McCoy stadium, then make sure to have a look and listen. Leenie, the beautiful wife of Henry Fiore Jr., superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Norwich and mother of three sons; Peter, Andrew and James, performed the national anthem on the very same day the announcement came down about the Pawsox moving to Worcester. Leenie’s soothing voice sort of takes the sting out of the news for Pawsox fans. (Online readers will be able to click below to see – and hear Leenie.)

And now on to the happiest news of all … more babies! Which means, as Front Porch News fans are well aware, more Teddy Bears! First, let’s send one Teddy Bear off to Los Angeles to baby Cole Joseph Iacoi, son of Kate and Christopher Iacoi, who was born on Aug. 18 at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif.. Baby Cole is the first grandchild for Angie and Joe Iacoi of Westerly, and first nephew for Amy Iacoi. Cole’s maternal grandparents are Nancy and Jack Barry. Cole’s dad, a WHS grad, is sr. associate athletic director and CFO of the UCLA athletics department.

And Teddy Bears of a legal sort we’ll get to send to baby Knox Bentley Capalbo, son of attorneys Ryanna McFadden Capalbo and Nick Capalbo, and little brother of Finn Patrick Capalbo, who was born Aug. 24  at 4:08 a.m., weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces and “arrived happy and healthy, according to his dad. Westerly grands are Tom and Bertinette Capalbo, and the Nebraska grands are Arlen and Linda Thayn.  

And last but far from least, a Teddy Bear for baby Sydney Rupert, the daughter of Kyle and Julie (Comforti) who of Westerly, who arrived (all nine pounds of her) on Sydney is the granddaughter of Sarah and Pete Comforti.

Fans of the Hallmark greeting card line feauturing Maxine, the crabby appleton cartoon grandma who likes to rant and gripe, might find it interesting to learn that Maxine’s creator, John Wagner, graduated from Ledyard High School in 1970 with Tom Nall of Westerly, the fella who delivers breakfast pizza from his daughter’s restaurant to the offices of WBLQ radio regularly (you can see him in the photo section to the right of this column.) Tom, whose daughter, Amanda Nall, is the owner of Bogue’s Deli on the bridge in Pawcatuck, suggested I take a look at the drawing Wagner made for Amanda, so I did. It’s cute and it’s funny, so make sure you take a look too, the next time you stop in for one of  Amanda’s amazing dishes. Speaking of Bogue’s Alley, lots of love to Bogue’s founder Fred Boguee, and to his fab wife, Jen! Keep the faith! And please, WHS class of ‘58 grads, RSVP ASAP so Sandra V will be happy! Ciao bella!

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