Contemporary Theater to host 24-hour play festival

Contemporary Theater to host 24-hour play festival

WAKEFIELD — The Contemporary Theater Company, 327 Main St., will present its 13th annual 24-hour Play Festival on Saturday, Jan. 13. A full-length play is written, rehearsed, and performed in a single day with over 50 artists working on it.

 “Two years ago, we stepped up the challenge from creating six short plays to one cohesive, full-length play, and it’s been incredibly satisfying,” says Maggie Cady, production manager. “This year, we’re bringing it home to our theater so that we can embrace the CTC style of audience-focused shows. You feel all of the emotions more strongly in a small theater — funny things are funnier and poignant things are all the more powerful.”

The playwrights begin the process at midnight, writing through the night until actors and directors arrive in the morning and begin casting and rehearsing the play. Photos, videos and stories are uploaded to the company’s website at and Facebook page throughout the day, allowing the audience to keep up with the process as it unfolds.

The performance will be held at 8 p.m., and at the end the audience gets to vote for their favorite actors and scenes.

Tickets are $12. For tickets, call 401-218-0282, visit



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