Young golfer from Pawcatuck creates YouTube lessons for a sport that is fun, demanding, and costly

Young golfer from Pawcatuck creates YouTube lessons for a sport that is fun, demanding, and costly

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STONINGTON — Golf is Dylan Krishnan’s game, and he wants everyone to have the opportunity to play. 

Not only does the 14-year-old from Pawcatuck spend plenty of time practicing his skills, he’s also started an instructional golf video series on YouTube called “Dylan’s Golf for Kids” to help kids who can’t afford lessons and equipment. 

Krishnan, accompanied by his mother, Terri K. Kenyon, known as “T.K.,”  demonstrated his swing Tuesday at the driving range at Stonington Country Club. 

“He swings well, he has a lot of limberness in his spine, a lot of flexibility for the turn,” Kenyon said, observing her son. “But he has put in a lot of hard work.”

He started young, and his interest in the sport began to grow quickly. 

“My dad put a club in my hand when I was about 5,” Krishnan said. “I remember I liked playing in sand traps a lot … getting out of sand traps was fun.”

When he was 8 or 9, the passion really took hold, he said.

Now he’s a kind of golf ambassador, spreading the word on the internet. 

“We talked about it for a couple of months because he wanted to do a series of videos about golf, but he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do,” said Kenyon. “So we came up with the idea of making videos that were lessons so that kids who were just starting out or didn’t have money for lessons would have a resource to learn to play golf, because golf is hard and golf is expensive.” 

The first video was about the basics, such as what the different clubs are and how to use them.

“It was learn how to putt, how to chip, how to hit an iron, how to hit a driver,” Krishnan said. 

The second video was about how to play one hole of golf. 

“We talked about how to and where to find a scorecard and what the scorecard means,” Kenyon said. “And then he talked about teeing off, and he played one hole of golf.” 

Krishnan said he mostly enjoys being on camera, although sometimes the unexpected happens.

“Sometimes I mess up, and if you look at our latest video, we have some bloopers at the end,” he laughed. 

He also talked about how to find equipment cheaply. 

“In our first video, we were at our church yard sale and there were two bags of golf clubs for $10 and you can get used clubs,” he said. “Just make sure the clubs aren’t too heavy or too long for the kid.” 

An upcoming video will be about how to practice cheaply.

“There are a lot of things you can do without coming out to a golf course, which can be expensive,” said Kenyon. “We’re going to talk about chipping in your backyard into a bucket, retrieving golf balls from the lake and putting in your living room, because half of your shots should be short-game, so you can do those without hitting a bucket of balls at all.”

Golf is an enjoyable lifelong sport, Krishnan said. 

“Because it’s fun, it’s something you can do until you’re 140,” he said. “You can have fun and you can play until you’re really, really old.” 

He also practices year-round, going indoors during the winter. 

“We have a golf mat upstairs, which is like a putting green,” he said. “You have holes in the mat and you can basically just putt inside.” 

In September, Krishnan will be a freshman at Norwich Free Academy, which he chose over Stonington High because of the success of its golf team. 

And, like many young golfers, turning pro is something he thinks about.

“I’d like it to happen, but I just want to get on my college golf team and see how it goes from there.” 

Krishnan was one of 40 young golfers chosen for the Eversource PGA Tour Player Experience for Junior Golfers at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell in June. 

Krishnan said he learned a lot of tips from the pros at the tournament that he’ll share on his videos. 

In the meantime, he said people should get out there and play the game. 

“Play more, practice more,” he said. “Golf is fun.”


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