State allows 25 R.I. schools to close after fewer than 180 days

State allows 25 R.I. schools to close after fewer than 180 days

PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Department of Education says 25 schools across the state have been exempted from the rule that requires 180 days of classes because of power failures or broken water lines. The only school on the list from southwestern Rhode Island is the Ashaway Elementary School in the Chariho Regional School District.

The schools have been permitted to close on their 178th or 179th days, the department said. RIDE said that two requests for waivers were denied, while decisions on another 14 waiver requests are pending. The two that were denied were for Woonsocket and Exeter-West Greenwich, which had sought districtwide waivers, the department said. The state received requests from 35 schools in 20 districts that had been forced to close at some point since September.

A spokeswoman told the Providence Journal that exemptions are usually not given for snow days or other days when all schools in a district are closed, but only when one school on a district is closed.

All the school granted waivers are falling one or two days short of the 180-day requirement.

AP and Sun staff


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