Rhode Island lawmaker introduces proposal to ban bump stocks

Rhode Island lawmaker introduces proposal to ban bump stocks

PROVIDENCE — A Rhode Island lawmaker is taking aim at bump stocks, a measure he says is necessary for the protection of the public in light of concerns regarding mass shootings over the past year.

State Rep. Robert E. Craven, D-North Kingstown, introduced legislation on Friday that would make the sale and use of bump stocks illegal in Rhode Island. Craven had announced his intention to file the proposal in October, just days after the Massachusetts Senate voted 33-0 to ban the sale of bump stocks and trigger cranks, but formally introduced the legislation this week.

Bump fire stocks, or bump stocks, are gun stocks that are specially designed to enable “bump fire,” which allow semi-automatic weapons to mimic the firing speed of fully automatic weapons. It is illegal in Rhode Island to modify any legal weapon into a fully-automatic firearm, but the specific sale and use of bump stocks are not currently outlined in state laws.

“With the tragic and horrific events in Las Vegas demonstrating the powerful lethality that bump stocks can facilitate, we must make the law clear that Rhode Island will not tolerate these dangerous tools of death,” Craven said. 

“Currently there is some ambiguity to whether or not applying a bump stock to one’s weapon is legal in Rhode Island, but it is still legal to purchase one,” he said. “This bill will end that practice, making the sale and possession of bump stocks, even if they are not affixed to a weapon, illegal and punishable by the full extent of the law.

Jason Vallee


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