After primary victory, Raimondo campaign focuses on Fung and bungles an ad

After primary victory, Raimondo campaign focuses on Fung and bungles an ad

PROVIDENCE — After winning the Rhode Island Democratic primary, Gov. Gina Raimondo’s campaign released a new ad that shows the wrong city while criticizing her Republican opponent, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung.

The ad, posted online Thursday, calls Cranston a distressed community, while showing storefronts in Providence's Silver Lake neighborhood, which is near Cranston.

The contest between Raimondo and Fung setts up a rematch of the 2014 election for governor.

The ad also criticizes Fung’s ads, saying “Allan, be real.”

The Raimondo campaign said it was reviewing the ad but stood by its message regarding Fung’s leadership. Fung's campaign called Raimondo’s administration and campaign “completely incompetent.”

Raimondo and Fung have made missteps with ads before. The state earned the unflattering nickname “Rhode Iceland” after a 2016 tourism campaign included a scene from Iceland, and Fung was criticized for filming a 2014 ad in Ohio.

With all but one precinct reporting, the Secretary of State’s office reported that Raimondo tallied 66,978 votes, or 57.1 percent, to 39,300 votes for Matt Brown, or 33.5 percent. A third opponent, Spencer Dickinson, had 10,926 votes, or 9.3 percent.

Brown won a handful of towns, including Burrillville, where he received 835 votes to Raimondo’s 410. The community there is opposed to a proposed natural gas plant and Brown came out against it. He may have benefited form unaffiliated voters there. Brown also carried three other rural towns: Glocester, Scituate, and West Greenwich. 

Local tallies

Locally, Raimondo had 70.2 percent of the vote in Westerly (1,025 votes); 61.9 percent in Charlestown; 59.8 percent in Hopkinton; and 48.7 percent in Richmond, where the tally was 307 to 267. Dickinson got 57 votes in Richmond.

On the Republican side, Fung received 18,577 votes, or 56.4 percent statewide, to 13,208, or 40.1 percent, for state Rep. Patricia Morgan. Giovanni Feroce had 1,147 votes, or 3.5 percent.

Locally, Fung won 54.2 percent of the vote in Westerly, 275 votes, and Morgan talled 211 votes, or 41.6 percent. Twenty-one Westerly votes went for Feroce.

Morgan won Charlestown with 175 votes, or 49.6 percent, to Fung’s 168, or 47.6 percent. Morgan also won Hopkinton, with 208 votes, or 56.8 percent, to Fung’s 141, or 38.5 percent. Richmond was also in Morgan’s column; she received 276 votes, or 61.5 percent, there to Fung’s 165, 36.7.

The three Chariho towns — Richmond, Hopkinton, and Charlestown — also favored Aaron Regunberg in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor. He was challenging incumber Daniel McKee, who won statewide by a vote of 57,632 to 55,230, or 51.1 precent to 48.9 percent.

Voters in Rhode Island also selected nominees for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, lieutenant governor and other offices in a rare Wednesday vote. About 145,000 people cast ballots, or nearly 20 percent of voters, according to the state Board of Elections.

Fung said his victory is a sign that Rhode Islanders are ready to take back the state from insiders and “big shots” and reject the status quo. He said he’s ready to “lead this revolution.”

Wednesday’s winners are expected to face another three-way race Nov. 6, with former Republican lawmaker Joe Trillo, who chaired Trump’s 2016 campaign in Rhode Island, running as an independent.




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