Hope Valley fire officials deliver $26,000 check to Hasbro Children’s Hospital

Hope Valley fire officials deliver $26,000 check to Hasbro Children’s Hospital

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PROVIDENCE — Hasbro Children’s Hospital has received a significant financial boost, $26,000 to be exact, thanks in part to a competition at the annual Washington County Fair last month that led to fair participants raising the cash.  

Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire District Chief Justin Lee and Lt. David Ahrens, representing the Washington County Fair and Rockwell Amusements, delivered the check to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on Aug. 30. The two represented the Hope Valley-Wyoming Fire District, which won a friendly fair-wide competition among all 28 vendors to see which could raise the most money for charity.

“These guys volunteer so much time already so to step up and also give their time to the fair, let alone raise the most money, it makes me incredibly proud to be a leader in this district,” Lee said.

According to both Lee and fair organizers, the Washington County Fair partnered with Rockwell Amusements this year and introduced the Battle of the Fair competition. Each of the fair’s 28 vendors participated, with the booth that earned the most money each day taking home bragging rights. Totals from the five-day fair were then added at the end, with Hope Valley earning just shy of $2,500, the top overall for the weekend.

In addition to proceeds from the competition, the fair and Rockwell Amusements also asked visitors to donate $2, giving a complimentary merry-go-round ride to guests who did and matching the first $2,500 in donations.

“It was a fun competition for a good cause. So many, not just our department, worked hard to help raise that $26,000. We look forward to taking part again next year,” Lee said.



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