Brown University criticized over removal of transgender study

Brown University criticized over removal of transgender study

The Westerly Sun

PROVIDENCE — Brown University has received heavy criticism over its decision to remove news about a study on transgender youth from its website.

The paper by Brown assistant professor Lisa Littman suggested gender dysphoria — a state of general unease, anxiety or discomfort — occurs during the onset of puberty, and it suggested girls might decide they are transgender because of peer pressure or online influences, The Providence Journal reported.

The study used the observations of parents, who critics say could be politically biased or against their children identifying as transgender.

Brown representatives say they removed the article because of concerns over the study’s research methodology.

Littman, of the behavioral and social sciences faculty, is a physician and public health consultant.  She said she stands by the conclusion of her study. She has started an online petition to encourage the university to resist “ideologically-based attempts to squelch controversial research evidence.”

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