Richmond Elementary School prepares for third annual Great Kindness Challenge

Richmond Elementary School prepares for third annual Great Kindness Challenge

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RICHMOND — Students and teachers at Richmond Elementary School are preparing for the third annual Great Kindness Challenge, which will take place from Jan. 22 to Jan 26. Last year, more than 10 million students in 90 countries participated in the international event.

Richmond Principal Sharon Martin said she looked forward to the challenge.

“I smile all week when I walk through the halls and see our students’ ‘Kindness Matters’ posters hanging on the wall and hear what each classroom is doing to celebrate this special week,” she said.

The challenge will feature a week of special events.

On Mix It Up Monday, students will sit with new friends at lunch.

“It’s important make new friends,” said fourth-grader Lucas Callahan. “Everyone know the more the merrier.”

On Tuesday, the Student Council community service subcommittee will collect “Texas kind coins” to donate to schools whose playgrounds were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

On Wonderful Wednesday, “students will do something wonderful for someone else and write it on paper chain,” Martin said. “We will connect the chains together as visual representation of our students’ kindness.”

On Thankful Thursday, students will write thank you notes to Chariho staff members, and on Friendship Friday, they will compliment another student and tape the compliment to their backpack, locker or desk.

“I remember last year I was trying to get the whole paper of challenges filled out. I remember one student made a thank you note on paper band-aid for our nurse,” fourth-grader Lilly Baxter said.

Martin said her school fostered a climate of kindness throughout the year.

“Kindness is not something that only happens at our school during this special week, it happens all year long,” she said. “Students are recognized with CARES Stars for showing empathy such as walking a younger student to her classroom, inviting a classmate to play who was sitting on the buddy bench at recess, or cheering up a friend who is feeling sad.”





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