Q & A with Joshua Bedoya, Hopkinton's newest Planning Board member

Q & A with Joshua Bedoya, Hopkinton's newest Planning Board member

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How long have you served on the Planning Board?

“A little over a year now. I’m it’s newest member, and I am hoping to learn a lot from the other members.”

What made you decide to become a member of the Planning Board?

“I’ve always had an interest in politics and I got involved with the local GOP, I got involved with the state, but I really wanted to work in my town, because I talk to all the local businesses, I’m on the historical society, I know the senators, I know the reps, the Statehouse. I look at a lot of what the people in town want and what they want the people that represent them to do and I looked at what the town has done and what it could do and I just thought if I got on one of the boards, I could help be a voice for what the people of the town wanted.”

What have you learned so far?

“I’m looking at all the different ordinances, all the different ways that we look at altering things such as liquor licenses or solar licenses, how we can change that around. I didn’t know you could do any of that. I thought everything was set, but from what I’ve learned from the other members, you can bring anything up to the Town Council, and not only that, but the Town Council is amazing about getting back to the other committees, which I never would have guessed.”

What is your overall impression of the town government?

“This system is more defined than I thought it would be. There’s more avenues to work through. It’s less bureaucracy than I thought.”

Are you the youngest-ever Planning Board member?

“I actually do not know the answer to that. I know I’m currently the youngest serving official on any board in the state.”

What are the challenges of serving on the Planning Board?

“One of biggest things with the PLanning Board was knowing all the material. That’s a big challenge...There’s so much stuff. The ordinances — there’s a lot of them and there’s no excuse not to read them. If I really want to represent the people’s interests, I need to know the laws in place.”

More about Joshua:

Born: Providence

Home: Hopkinton, for the past 14 years

Age: 19

High school: Chariho, class of 2017

Attending: pre-law at Mount Ida College, Newton, Massachusetts.

Hopes to attend: Harvard Law School

Number of public offices currently held: 9


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