A Q&A with Hopkinton Town Councilor Dave Husband

A Q&A with Hopkinton Town Councilor Dave Husband

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Career before you retired:

“I worked at the Providence Journal for the last 10 years, before I retired. I started with the Chariho Times, went from there to The Westerly Sun. Worked there for 15 years, was the sports editor for 12 years. From there, I went back to the Chariho Times and became the editor for two years and went... to being the Managing Editor of the Middletown Press in Connecticut. I was there for about six months before I got a job at the Journal.”

What do you enjoy about serving on the Town Council?

“I like being part of the town and I like being able to say I can do good things for the town. I like to have some control over everything that goes on around me.

You are a strong advocate for local business owners. Why?

“Absolutely. I like the town as it is, and I’d like to try to keep it the way it is… I like the village concept a lot. I’m very happy down here.”

Can you talk about the challenges of serving on the council?

“Trying to keep the taxes under control. That’s probably our biggest challenge right now is just keeping a fiscal lid on the tax rate... We’ve got a unique situation here with the Chariho school district. It’s a wonderful school district, one of the best in the state, but it’s very expensive. Seventy-three cents of every dollar the taxpayers pay in Hopkinton goes to education.”

More about Dave:

Born: Bristol, R.I., lived in Hopkinton since 1981

Education: Providence Country Day School, Roger Williams University, University of Rhode Island; Bachelor of Arts, journalism

Family:Single, one daughter, at URI

Years on the council: 51/2

Is there something about you that most people don’t know?

“I don’t like tight spaces. There was a culvert down there on Tupelo Street and when we were young, nine, 10 years old, we used to crawl through the culvert, try to find crayfish and spiders and stuff like that. I got in there about 10 feet one day, and I realized being cramped, with my hands like this, and I can’t move and I get stuck. So if there’s anything I truly don’t like, it’s tight spaces like that.”

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