Boneyard Barbecue will have to provide more info to get Hopkinton entertainment license

Boneyard Barbecue will have to provide more info to get Hopkinton entertainment license

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HOPKINTON — Saying they needed more specific information on the types of outdoor entertainment the new Boneyard Barbecue restaurant will be offering, members of the Town Council deferred their decision on an outdoor entertainment license at their Jan. 16 meeting.

The Warwick-based casual dining chain, which specializes in barbecue wings, ribs and burgers, purchased the former Pavilion restaurant in October from Hopkinton businessman Ray Quinlan. Appearing on behalf of Boneyard Barbecue was Carnig Ashchian, who told the council that he expected the restaurant to open in time for the Superbowl.

“The Health Department is about two weeks out, so once we get that approval, we’ll pretty much be ready to go,” he said.

Councilor Barbara Capalbo explained that the council proceeds with caution when issuing outdoor licenses.

“We don’t really care what you do in the building, but we do care what you do out of the building,” she said.

“There will be something seven days a week,” Ashchian said. “There’ll be the car shows on a regular, weekly basis. We might want to do a Fourth of July pig roast. We might want to do, at the end of the season, something and maybe something at the beginning of the season, Memorial Day.”

“You really need to give us a list that would be more specific than seven days a week,” Capalbo said.

Councilor Sylvia Thompson added that she wanted more specific information about the hours during which the outdoor events would be taking place.

“If you have live entertainment outside, music, for instance, something you think might be loud, we need to know the hours that we would expect,” she said.

“I can’t see anything outside being loud past nine o’clock,” Ashchian said.

Council Vice President Thomas Buck asked whether there would be any live music outdoors.

“Are you planning any type of outdoor concerts?” he asked.

“The pig roast — we’ll have a band outside. Is it going to be AC/DC? Probably not,” Ashchian said. Ashchian promised to provide the council with a more detailed list of outdoor events by the end of the week and the council will reconsider the license application at its Feb. 5 meeting.





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